Travelling Tips


Not all cats enjoy travelling in the car and are very sensitive to changes in


your behaviour, therefore tips include:


Always use a carrier for transporting your cat - both for your safety while driving and to prevent escape by your cat, preferably one carrier per cat. Secure the carrier on the backseat or in the boot.


Acclimatise your cat to the carrier by leaving it around the house.


Line the carrier with newspaper in case of sickness or other accidents.


If dropping your cat off in the morning, don’t let your cat out the night before or feed it that morning.


What to bring


*Cat box/carrier – for each cat

*Vaccination certificate – up to date

Bed/blanket – to help your cat settle in

*Prescription diet/special food

Favourite Toy

If you are uncertain as to what you should bring please

contact us for advice.



*essential items