Our Cattery has been built to meet the exacting standards as set out by FAB the Feline Advisory Bureau (U.K.)



The cattery comprises 8 spacious cat units, with a security passage along the front.  Each unit consists of a fully insulated sleeping compartment with independently controlled heating, and connected to an individual covered run. 

The runs overlook the garden and are separated from adjacent pens by glass and uPVC sneeze screens. Scratching posts, toys, chairs and observation shelves are provided. 

Each unit can accommodate up to three cats from the same family.



We recommend that you bring your cats’ usual bed or blanket, as home comforts can help them settle in. Don’t worry if you forget, we have plenty spare to make up a comfortable bed.



Adult cats are normally fed twice daily, kittens and elderly cats can be fed more frequently if required. Sudden dietary changes can cause illness and so we stock a wide range of popular foods in order to prevent changing your cats diet during their stay. You will be asked about your cats’ normal diet prior to arrival.  SPECIAL diets and PRESCRIPTION foods may need to be supplied by owners.



For the health and well being of all our guests, all cats must have a current vaccination against ‘cat flu and enteritis’.  Primary vaccinations and boosters should be completed prior to boarding.  Up to date vaccination cards must be shown on arrival.


Fleas and worms

We recommend that all cats are treated for fleas and worms prior to boarding, although this can be carried out during boarding if required.




Boarding Terms


Boarding Rates